PicID 000004
Type Drawing
Category Object
Copyright Drawing © 2010 Christiane Clados


Spirals arranged in a row (vertical panel). Site: Nasca Clados Number: 231 Culture: Nasca Description: bowl, ID number missing, Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde. Chronological Era: Early Intermediate Period (EIP), Nasca 5 Phase. Iconographic Features: horizontally drawn Jagged-Staff God (Proulx 2007) or Zackenstab-Dämon (Seler 1923) depicted with Rayed Face head type, human body, and crossed legs. It holds jagged rays in its two hands. Association with serpents, jagged serpents (with feline claws), and tocapu-ish signs (spirals). Clados Fig. 006 CL 231.