PicID 000360
Type Drawing
Category Object


Period: Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku IV and V periods between AD 300 and AD 1000) Figure Standing. Contained within the roughly rectangular confines of the stone block, the figure has a large head topped by a plain cap with feather tail ornament and feline heads. The cap shows a feline serpent (in the mid) framed by felines shown with frontal face. A patterned kilt with a delicately incised design of squares is the only garment and covers the lower body. A wide belt encircles the waist to keep the kilt in place. It is decorated with bicephalic bird-headed serpents.The figure also is shown with a large bird head necklace and bracelets. Identified as ancestor by Nicole C. Couture (2004). Young-Sanchez 2004, 133, fig. 5.10.